This website provides information
about British Columbia insurance
law and allows you to connect
with a lawyer who handles 
claims against insurance 
companies who have denied
coverage under insurance 
                                                                         In some cases a lawsuit is the only option when an insurer denies coverage.
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British Columbia insurance information

Welcome to, a website that provides information about insurance in British Columbia, and allows you to connect to an insurance lawyer with experience is making claims against insurance companies who have denied insurance coverage.
This site provides information about the following types of insurance policies under which coverage may be denied by an insurance company:
  • Property damage policies. In these cases the insured has usually suffered damage to property (often due to fire or flood, but sometimes due to defective construction or other causes) and the insurance company has denied coverage for some reason. 
  • Liability policies. In these cases the insured has been sued by a third party and the insurance company as refused to defend the law suit brought against the insured, or has refused to indemnify the insured for the amount the third party is claiming against the insured.
  • Bond claims: In these cases the insured may be covered under a labour and material payment bond, a performance bond, or some other type of bond, and the insurer has refused to pay out when a claim is made.
  • Life or disability policies. In these cases the insured has become disabled from working and the insurer is refusing to pay benefits, or the has been a death and the insurance company is refusing to pay out the beneficiaries under the life insurance policy.
Insurance companies employ experienced staff, including lawyers, and often make decisions to deny coverage when there is a legitimate argument that there should in fact be coverage. If you are dealing with a denial of coverage situation you should consider getting legal advice regarding the merits of your potential claim to seek a court ordered declaration of coverage which will compel the insurance company to provide you with the protection anticipated by the insurance policy you paid for. is owned and operated by Legaltree Law Corporation.